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Taking A Stand: Protecting local radio stations

By Vice-President/General Manager Debbie Bush

 (WFIE) - There are a couple of bills in Congress that I would like to talk about.

These bills could potentially kill our local radio stations.

As a local broadcaster, my stand is that we need to make sure that doesn't happen.

For the last 80 years, radio stations have had a "free play for free promotion" relationship with the record industry.

Now, the music labels are asking the government for a handout.

The bills would put a tax on the radio stations for playing music which could put some stations out of business.

The money generated from this tax would go out of the Tri-State and into the pockets of the major record labels.

Just like local TV, local radio stations are a vital part of our community.

They provide public service and information for our public safety.

They also entertain us for free!

The following are the names and contact information for our Tri-State representatives.

Write them and tell them that we need to protect local broadcasters.





Here are links to the two bills pending in Congress: H.R.848, sponsored by Rep. John Conyers (MI-14) and S.379, sponsored by Sen. Patrick Leahy (VT).

Your members of Congress need to hear that you strongly oppose these bills.

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