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KY school officials speak about closings

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HOPKINS CO., KY (WFIE) - The Hopkins County School District and the Muhlenberg County School District were some of the first districts in the Tri-State to cancel classes on Friday.

Those districts made their decision around 9 p.m. on Thursday night.

Some parents say the decision was made too early.

"I had to make arrangements for my son that is in first grade to go to day care this morning when he was suppose to be going to school this morning," parent Roxane Foster said. 

Many parents like Foster had to go to work, and that meant spending money on daycare services.

"You have that extra money that you are putting out that you don't have because of the economy the way it is, and you are making arrangements for your child to go to day care when there could have been school today," Foster said.

"We had first thought that we would have some indication that the snow would be here, in time to actually see snow before we made the call," Hopkins County Schools Asst. Superintendent for Transportation, Safety Services Susanne Wolford said. "But as the projections came in, we realized that would not be possible, so we went ahead and made the call last night."

Muhlenberg County School District Superintendent Dale Todd says because of the winter storm warning, the decision was made to call off school.

Todd said he believes both districts made the right decision.

"I do have the sense that, wow we really missed this one, but I wasn't alone," Wolford said. "We make the best decision we can as professionals with the information we have."

Parent Roxane Foster still thinks school was called off too early.

"I think the school system should wait until early morning to make that call," Foster said. "Even if they did a half a day today."

So far this year, Hopkins County Schools have had three snow days and Muhlenberg County Schools have had four missed days.

The Hopkins and Muhlenberg County School Districts will add two days to the end of their school calendar to make up the days.

Also in Hopkins County, students will attend school on February 15, a day previously scheduled off.

In Muhlenberg County, officials say students will most likely go to school on February 12 and 15, days previously scheduled as off.

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