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Owensboro Police investigate double shooting

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OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - Saturday night, Owensboro Police are trying to track down the suspects involved in a double shooting.

Neighbors living in the Peppertree Apartments said there's never been any real trouble there before, but the incident has them on edge Saturday night.

"It's almost like watching Law and Order," one unidentified neighbor said.

Friday, the Peppertree Apartments in Owensboro became an active crime scene.

Owensboro Police said just after 9:00, two men in apartment 8 heard a knock at the door, and answered it.

Immediately, two males in disguises came at them.

Three shots were fired. 14 News is told two of them struck the men inside.

"For me, it doesn't even seem real to me," the unidentified neighbor said.

The neighbor, who wanted to remain un-named, said he didn't hear shots, but was overwhelmed when he saw the bullet holes in the door of apartment 8.

Although, he admits, his neighbors weren't surprised when they learned who the victims were.

"They said there were a lot of parties, a lot of coming and going," the neighbor said. "I dunno, just from the law of averages, if you get enough people coming in and out of some place at all hours and enough wild behavior, sooner or later, someone will do something stupid."

Other residents said they've never questioned their safety at the apartment complex, but after Friday night's shooting, they would like to see some additional security precautions put in place. One suggestion was a peephole.

"You could always peek out your blinds, but they can see you peeking out the blinds and say we could just break through the window or just shoot through the window," one neighbor said.

The victims are identified as 26-year-old Bradly Rone and 24-year-old Greg McGee.

Police said they are at OMHS with non-life threatening injuries.

Meanwhile, if you have any information about Friday night's shooting, call Owensboro Police. 

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