Taking a Stand: Texting and driving

(WFIE) - The state of Illinois made it a priority, and on January 1st, banned texting while driving for all motorists.

We urge the commonwealth to make a stronger law than Indiana, which only bans minors from texting and driving.

Let's be honest. Those of us that get e-mail and texting on our phones have done it. That is, picked up the phone to see what just came in, or worse, responded while driving.

The result? One Virginia study found you are 23 times more likely to be in a crash while texting.

Another study found it worse than drinking and driving.

Our Stand: Illinois made the right move. Hopefully, Kentucky will follow suit. Indiana should re-evaluate and ban all texting and driving, not just for minors.

Here's a new year's resolution for all of us, even if it isn't a law, let's make a pact and ignore that text until we aren't driving, and make our roads safer for all.

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