Plastic Surgery Q&A

Question:  I am interested in the procedure I heard about tonight on the news that fills in the wrinkles permanently.  I think the name was Artical/Artifill.  Can you tell me more about this? Thanks.

Answer from Dr. Maguire:   Artecoll is a new filler material, similar to collagen but lasts longer and can be used to fill in wrinkles. It is not fully FDA approved yet for this and I am not yet using it in my practice. Call 1(866)826-2496 or 1(270)326-3900 to schedule a free consultation.

Question: How safe is Boutox surgery (frown lines and each side of nose) and what can one expect as far as cost.  Thanks.

Answer from Dr. Maguire: Technically Botox is not a surgery but is a short office procedure and is quite effective for forehead wrinkles, worry lines between the eyebrows and smile lines at the corner of the eyes. Costs range from $250-$750 in my practice. To schedule a free consultation call 1(866)826-2496 or 1(270)326-3900.

Question: Can breast cancer be detected the same as it would without breast implants?

Answer from Dr. Maguire:  That is an excellent question. For the most part, a breast augmentation does not interfere with the detection of breast cancer. Particularly if the implants are placed underneath the muscle, the breast should still be able to be examined and mammograms performed. It may be slightly more difficult for the mammogram technician to do the test, but most experienced techs are able to do a mammogram without much difficulty. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation call 1(866)826-2496 or 1(270)326-3900.

Question:  How much is your Breast enlargements and do you test your patients for allergys to see if there body might reject them? also do you go in threw the nipple , or under the breast?
Answer from Dr. Maguire:   Thanks for your question. We charge $4,400 for breast augmentation which covers everything, including anesthesia and an overnight stay in our facility. Patients are not allergic to implants, as they are saline (not silicone) and this is the body's own natural fluid. We can go around the edge of the nipple (areola) or underneath the breast, depending on what is best for you. To schedule a consultation, please call 1(866)826-2496 or 1(270)326-3900.
Question:  Is it possible to remove these awful "age spots" from my face?
Answer from Dr. Maguire:  Age spots, if they are just discolorations of the skin can sometimes be treated with bleaching creams, or a laser can be used to resurface the skin if fine wrinkles are also a problem. To schedule an appointment, call 1(866)826-2496 or 1(270)326-3900.

Question:  Is there a phone number to call to check on a plastic surgeon's credentials and membership of boards? How do you check to see if a doctor specializes or is trained in the area you're wanting plastic surgery, such as breast reduction?

Answer from Dr. Maguire:   Thanks for your question. To my knowledge, there is no centralized number to call to check a plastic surgeon's credentials. It is important to ask your surgeon if he is fully trained in plastic surgery and is either board certified or board eligible. Additional fellowship training in specific areas can also be obtained in cosmetic surgery, microsurgery, craniofacial surgery or hand surgery but any fully qualified plastic surgeon is trained in all of these areas, including breast surgery. If you would like to schedule an appointment call 1(866)826-2496 or 1(270)326-3900.