Avoid holiday weight gain

The holidays are here, along with your favorite treats! How do you avoid packing on pounds? Our Fit with 14 expert, Tony Maslan, has some tips.

1) Surround yourself with positive people with similar goals. Misery loves company, and if you are surrounded by people consuming large amounts of junk food, they are going to want you to do the same. Spend as much time as possible with other people who are motivated to get in better shape over the holidays. You can encourage and support each other.

2) Control your calories during normal meals and snacks. You have the most control. If you know you are going to be attending holiday parties, make sure that your regular meals and snacks are as healthy as possible. This will give you a little more flexibility during your social events.

3) Increase your activity level and intensity of your workouts. If you can burn some extra calories with your workouts, it can help make up for the extra calories you will consume.

4) Throw or give away leftovers. Having one big meal will not throw you off track. Eating the same leftovers for several meals will. Throw out the extra desserts or send them home with guests.

5) Consume alcohol only in moderation if at all. When you drink alcohol, you tend to snack more. Try not to get too many liquid calories.

6) Do something active as soon as possible after big meals. Get out and get moving. Don't give all those extra calories time to sit in your stomach.

7) Don't wait to make a New Year's resolution. Set your goal and start now! Why wait until the new year when you will be 2-5 pounds further away?