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Taking A Stand: Keeping the doors open

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By Vice-President/General Manager Debbie Bush

Another Majestic Place Study Committee meeting is scheduled on November 7.

It will involve a county commissioner, the developer, USI, and some neighbors.

We urge public officials to make sure the meeting is open and accessible to the public.

The Majestic Place development proposal involves nearly 200 acres and would be located near University Parkway and the Lloyd Expressway.

Neighbors, USI and at least one county commissioner have publically announced they are against the development.

County Commissioner Troy Tornotta, who has not announced his position, tabled the vote until December.

At that time, he started a study committee and stressed his desire to have an open process.

Last weekend, Tornotta asked not only our camera to leave but also the reporter.

We were not allowed to tell the public who could not attend and what happened in the meeting.

His reasoning? That some wouldn't feel comfortable speaking if the media were present.

None of the other participants, including neighbors, USI or the developer, told us they objected to our being in the meeting.

While this may not be Commissioner Tornatta's intention, this action hints at secrecy.

We can't forget the problems the city and county had with the recent Homestead exemption debacle or the county's abortion ordinance mess last year.

Commissioner Tornatta, we urge you to open the doors on the November 7 committee meeting and let the media and the public be part of the democratic process.

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