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Taking a Stand: Staying positive after Whirlpool

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By Vice-President/General Manager Debbie Bush

It was a sad day for Evansville, and the Tri-State, when Whirlpool announced it would close next year.

This week, 1100 or so employees are voting on their severance package.

Also this week, we received some good news.

Whirlpool's product design center will stay and almost 300 employees will keep their jobs.

The city and the airport will buy the 105 acres and turn it into an industrial park with the hopes of attracting new businesses and new jobs.

If it weren't for incentives offered, Whirlpool said it probably wouldn't have stayed.

This move is a positive thing for our community.

At a time when we are starting to see some movement, such as the expansion of Berry Plastics and Mead Johnson, retail starting to recover such as HH Gregg coming into town, and small businesses like Penn Station continuing to expand, we don't need to take a step back.

There is no doubt that the loss of 1100 jobs is going to hurt.

We have to continue to look for new high tech businesses to come in and invest in the Tri-State.

Our stand: this will be one of the most important things in the future of our city.

We are hopeful that the mayor and other city and county officials will continue to give it their full attention.

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