Taking a Stand: Race for the Cure

The final numbers aren't in yet, but there is only one word to describe Saturday's 12th annual Race for the Cure in Evansville, and that is success.

More than 15,000 people showed up for the Race for the Cure, and that doesn't take into account people who registered on race day, the thousands of volunteers, or the observers who lined the course.

Perhaps the biggest success this year was the tissue bank.

Researchers from Indiana University were hoping they could get 1,000 blood samples in Evansville.

The previous record was 998 in Dallas.

Instead, 1,362 samples were donated for research, and another 500 women were ready to volunteer, but I. U. had to turn them away because they ran out of supplies.

Once again, the Tri-State proved that this is a wonderful, generous community.

So far, more than $775,000 has been raised.

That money goes to help fund research, but most of it stays here to help local women fight breast cancer.

On behalf of all of the sponsors of the Race for the Cure, we say 'thank you.'

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