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Two fatal accidents in Daviess Co.

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DAVIESS CO., KY (WFIE) - It was a deadly start to the Labor Day weekend.  

Two people died in two different accidents in Daviess County.  

"It has been extremely busy for us so far," Daviess Co. Sheriff Chief Deputy Jeff Jones said.

Driving up and down Tri-State highways on any given day is risky, but law enforcement said that risk is heightened during holiday weekends.

"Well, you have a tremendous additional amount of traffic on the road, and with the increased traffic on the road, certainly produces increased chances of being in an accident," Jones said.

Already this Labor Day weekend, the Daviess County Sheriffs office and Kentucky State Police have responded to three fatal car accidents, and two happened Saturday, just before noon.

The first one happened on Highway 231, and the second, on U.S. 60.

"The driver of unit one was trying to make a left turn onto Owensboro-Reed Road," KSP Trooper Chris McKee said. "The driver of unit one had their attention diverted, and when they looked up and realized the car was stopped in front of them, they attempted to brake but they couldn't avoiding colliding with the passenger vehicle."

Trooper McKee said 56-year-old motorcycle driver Paul Coomes showed no immediate sign of impairment, but he said two factors contributed to his death.

Coomes wasn't wearing a helmet and he was distracted.

So, what do drivers need to know to stay safe this holiday weekend?

"We would strongly encourage individuals to wear their seat belts, to leave early so they can have some extended time to get to where they're going to, to not be trying to operate their cell phone by either texting or calling," Jones said. "Operating a motor vehicle and trying to multi-task don't go hand in hand."

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