Home Health Care Q&A

Question:  What types of services does Visiting Nurse Plus offer?

Visiting Nurse Plus' Answer:   Visiting Nurse Plus provides some of the most extensive private pay home health care services in the Tri-State area. Companion caregivers are our most requested service. Available 24 hours a day, our companions can shop for groceries, prepare meals and do light housekeeping. Our Personal Care Assistants can do everything a companion caregiver can in addition to giving personal care assistance with ADLs (activities of daily living) such as bathing, dressing and personal grooming. Private duty nursing is also available when more skilled tasks are required. Additionally, Visiting Nurse Plus offers the Health Watch Personal Response System that allows people to live safely and independently at home and still have the means to call for help when needed.

Question:  How do I know what care I need for my father when I call your office? I don' t know what type of service we need to ask for. It' s all so confusing.

Visiting Nurse Plus' Answer:   Knowing what type of service to request can be confusing. Often, family members feel overwhelmed with all the choices available. That's where we can help. By listening closely we can identify the needs and design a service schedule based on what you or your loved one requires. Adjustments in services and caregivers can be made as needed. We provide everything from the simple every day tasks such as meal preparation, bathing and errand running to the more skilled professional services such as blood draws, foot care, arranging medications or long-term daily care. Visiting Nurse Plus has a staff of over 250 caregivers so the chances of matching your needs with our caregivers' skills are great.

Question:  My grandmother is in the hospital. Can we still use your services?

Visiting Nurse Plus' Answer:   Yes, our companion services are available in the hospital to provide respite time for family members who need a little "time away" for rest. When your grandmother returns home Visiting Nurse Plus can continue to provide services to assist in the transition and also to offer companionship and help during continued recovery at home.

 Question:  What if my parent lives in a nursing home or an assisted living facility, can you still provide services?

Visiting Nurse Plus' Answer:   Yes, we can. Often we will provide assistance in either "home". To us, wherever our customer lives is considered his or her home and we provide services there.

Question:   We are considering placing our father in an assisted living facility. Wouldn't he get more help that way rather than having help at home?

Visiting Nurse Plus' Answer:   Before the development of assisted care facilities, VNP provided a variety of in-home services that offered comfort, care and security in the customer's home. Although several customers have chosen to move to assisted living facilities they still want to continue the customized, personal care services offered through VNP. Our most requested service from customers at assisted living facilities is companion caregivers.

Question:  Is Visiting Nurse Plus the same as Visiting Nurse Association?

Visiting Nurse Plus' Answer:   VNA and Visiting Nurse Plus are sister organizations. We often work together to provide health care services to meet customer needs. Both are not-for-profit corporations and both have voluntary Boards of Directors. The main difference between the agencies is the type of services provided. VNA's main source of business is Medicare related followed by other government funds and third party insurance. VNP business is mainly private pay-with some government-funded services authorized through the Southwestern Indiana Council on Aging. VNA and VNP services complement one another, together bringing a comprehensive, full continuum of health care into the home.

Question:   Do you offer services in communities besides Evansville?

Visiting Nurse Plus' Answer:   VNP currently operates offices in Evansville, Princeton and Tell City. The services offered in each county differ. To review the services by county, log onto the VNP website at http://www.vnplus.org.

Question:   We have purchased a long-term care policy. Would that cover VNP home health care services? VNP has worked with several insurance companies to provide home care aide and nursing services to several customers. We have found that each policy can differ in the type of service and the amount of service covered. Check your policy with your insurance agent for definition of benefits.