Taking a Stand: Fix or end the Freedom Fest

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The city of Evansville has been sent a strong message about the Freedom Festival.  The message is that it isn't working! Fix it, or just end it!

GAGE or Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville on Wednesday announced they didn't make any money on the Freedom Festival.

In fact, it lost $290,000.

Really this shouldn't be any surprise.  News stories showed the lack of people at the Festival.

Only about 7,700 wristbands were sold.

Organizers were hoping for 20,000.

The number one complaint we heard here at the station was the price. It cost $15 for an adult wrist band.

You could go to the Handy Blues Festival in Henderson at the same time for free.  Even general admission at Ellis Park is free!

Angela, who is an Evansville native, wrote me right after the festival.

She said that there was absolutely nothing to it this year.  She wants the festival to go back the way it was.

Our stand is to take a look at the successful free Fall Festival.

Take another look at the date of the Freedom Festival.

Talk to the organizers of Thunder on the Ohio and find a way to get the two back together.

Because if we can't find a way to fix it, the Freedom Festival must end.  Put the money and effort to good use to other city projects like the city parks or the zoo.

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