Taking a Stand: The Big Switch

Television stations in Evansville and around the country are just weeks away from turning off their analog signal.

The new date mandated by the government is June 12th, 2009.

While many of you know it's coming, it's estimated that under 3% of viewers are not ready.

If you currently have cable or satellite, you'll be fine.

If you own a new digital TV, you'll also be in good shape, because all new sets include a built-in digital receiver.

But if you're using an older TV and get your signal over the air or with rabbit ears, you'll need a converter box, and you may also need a new antenna or even a signal booster.

We know many of you are happy with your TV just the way it is, but this is a government-mandated change.

It's important you are prepared so you can watch your favorite programs after June 12th.

We have set up a website to help you learn more about The Big Switch.

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