Passengers of flight 1549 receive luggage

By Sarah Batista - bio l email

CORNELIUS, NC (WBTV) - Passengers of U.S. Airways flight 1549 are receiving what's left of their luggage four months after the miraculous splash-down in the Hudson River.

All 155 people onboard got out safely-without their luggage.

Maryann Bruce received her single suitcase earlier this week. A US Airways employee hand-delivered it to her at the airport.

"You could see the suitcase, it's not great, this handles broken and there's red dye everywhere," said Bruce.

Some of the items inside the suitcase appeared to be in good condition, such as her watch and jewelry. Other items including her clothes had water damage.

"They were in water, they were in fuel, how can you get some stuff back without them being damaged," Bruce asked.

Bruce, who was flying on business, remembers leaving her suitcase in the plane's overhead compartment. She left it behind and focused on getting off the plane safe and sound. It wasn't until later that she remembered her jewelry, including a 25th anniversary diamond ring her husband bought for her.

"The whole case came back and nothing was taken out of the case," said Bruce as she sifted through her jewelry bag.

Bruce says the whole experience of flight 1549 still seems surreal, but she's taking in each day in stride and remaining optimistic.

"I can't believe I got all this stuff back and I'm here to get all this stuff back, versus the alternative where they would have been giving this to my loved ones," she said.