New Lincoln penny on sale

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LINCOLN CITY, IN (WFIE) - The U.S. Mint introduced its new Indiana Lincoln penny Thursday in Spencer County, Lincoln's childhood home.

The one cent coin is the second in a four part series depicting the stages of Lincoln's life, and hundreds were lined up to get them.

A line of bright colored umbrellas snaked through Lincoln State Park. There were coin collectors of all ages.

"This is the second one, and after seeing how the first one did in Kentucky, I wanted to see if I could get some here," said one collector.

People came from all over the country, and for good reason.

"Congratulations, Indiana, on your new penny," said U.S. Mint Director Edmond C. Moy.

The front still retains the image of Lincoln, but the tails side shows an image of a young Abe sitting on a log reading a book, a perfect illustration of Lincoln's love of books and his belief in the value of education.

"The 14 years Lincoln spent here in Indiana gave him the skills and character, compassion and fortitude, to lead the nation through one of the darkest periods in our history," said Moy.

For $3, these coin enthusiasts can buy 6 rolls of pennies, but for a while, organizers weren't sure they'd have enough.

"They sold a lot more at the first one," said a collector from Michigan, Mike Long. "There's a lot more people here, so hopefully there's enough to go around for everybody."

Not only did Lincoln lovers get their hands on these shiny new pennies before everyone else, but they also got a sneak peak of the world premier performance, called "Lincoln."

The pennies are being releases in three month intervals through 2009. The stage performance of "Lincoln" opens June 12th at Lincoln State Park.

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