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EVSC hopes contract attracts new teachers

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EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The EVSC is hoping to become more competitive when recruiting new teachers.

There's a new measure added to the proposed contract with the system and its teachers that both sides hope will attract more high quality teachers.    

The EVSC is wanting to become more aggressive, and they're hoping to do so by shortening the salary ladder.

"It's a competitive process," EVSC spokesperson Marsha Jackson said.

That's why when the EVSC and the Teachers Association met to draft a new contract, they decided something had to be done to make their system stand out to prospective teachers.

"You get them by paying them a good salary and you keep them by getting them to the top of the salary schedule at a quicker rate," Uniserv Teachers Association director Dan Hartz said.

Before, it took 17 years before a teacher hit the highest level on the salary schedule.

Now, it will only take 15 to 16 years.

Here's how it breaks down: If the contract is passed, this would be the new salary schedule for EVSC teachers.

A teacher with a bachelor's degree that's hired in for the next school year would be making the same as a second year teacher with the same degree.

"The top of the pay scale will remain the same," Jackson said. "It's just that we want to get them up there more quickly so we retain them as well."

To help keep the current teachers, the new contract calls for a two-percent salary hike across the board.

Preferred substitute pay will also increase to $85 a day.

"We have a good package here and I think that we are highly competitive and this will just put a little more icing on the cake," Jackson said.

But what if the icing is a little sweeter next door?

Here's how the salaries compare for teachers with a bachelor's degree in Vanderburgh County and Warrick County.

Before, a teacher in Warrick County could climb the salary ladder much quicker than one in Vanderburgh County.

Now, the EVSC schedule is closer to the one in Warrick County, and EVSC officials hope this will help them compete more aggressively.

And if you're thinking about becoming a teacher and would like to learn more about this new proposed salary schedule, the EVSC is hosting a job fair this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

This is for teacher and staff positions.

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