Taking a Stand: Governor Palin ad

I've taken a number of calls and e-mails because of an ad running on 14WFIE as well as two other local TV stations and the local newspaper.

The ad refers to Governor Sarah Palin and the hunting of wolves in Alaska.  The ads are graphic and paid for by the Defenders of the Wildlife Action Fund out of Washington.

Viewers are upset.

Cindy told me, "I'm very disappointed with the negativity on Sarah Palin.  By putting that ad on your air, it looks like you agree with it."

Marietta says, "It's opened my eyes to what's really out there.  Sarah Palin is coming to Evansville to open eyes to protect life at all stages and here they're trying to discredit her."

A 72-year-old Evansville woman who didn't want me to use her name says, "Horrible, horrible, horrible advertising and it doesn't matter if you are a republican or a democrat.  What is this world coming to?  I want to make sure I don't give this organization ANY money!"

Ron e-mailed me, "I personally have a lot of respect for Sarah.  She looks like a person who has had some of the same problems we all have had, but has risen about them and still wants to do something for her country."

Julia says her complaint doesn't have anything to do with politics.  She says, "I had a 4-year-old in tears this morning.  We have pets.  What happens in Alaska has nothing to do with us!"

Thank you for your comments.  And, I appreciate you took the time to contact me.

Obviously, the ads were intentionally bought just for Thursday, to coincide with Governor Palin's visit.

To see the ad on You Tube, click here.

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