Taking a Stand: Successful food drive!

In the year-and-a-half that I've lived here, I've seen that if there's a need, this community will respond.

Last week, I was in awe as many of you responded to our request to help  The Salvation Army. The organization has seen a huge increase in need for its soup kitchen and food pantry.

And with this food drive, there has been an exciting announcement that a national foundation is offering a million dollars to hunger fighting agencies.

If the Evansville Salvation Army could raise enough food and money, the foundation would match up to $40,000!

Well, the food and money are still coming in!  So far, more than $20,000 and 5,000 food items have been donated.  And there's still time!  Before the end of April, you can send your donation to any Old National Bank or to The Salvation Army.  Just mention "War on Hunger."

We've learned that the EVSC will hold its own food drive called "Cans from Kids." The school district will try to raise one can per 22,000 students in Evansville and Vanderburgh County.

The drive will be April 20 through April 24.  Certain classes will get the chance to go to the soup kitchen to learn more about hunger in our area.

From The Salvation Army and the employees at 14WFIE and all of the other local corporations that helped:  Thank You!  You've made a difference in the War on Hunger!

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