Job hunting tips from the experts

Posted by Natalie Yarbor - email

(NBC) - With nationwide unemployment above 8% and even higher in some states, it's no surprise millions of people are looking for jobs.

Here's some advice from the experts on how to land one during this economic downturn.

In Miami earlier this month, thousands of people lined up to apply for a few dozen jobs, and with so many job-seekers around the country, it's even more important to set yourself apart from the pack.

Doug Anderson, an executive search consultant offered his advice on the most important thing a job-seeker can do.

"Three things. Network, network network, get up in the morning, put on a coat and tie, and go out and talk with people in the marketplace," said Anderson.

Anderson said wherever people are gathered may be an opportunity to find job leads.

A recent pink slip party in Charlotte, North Carolina brought community agencies and employers face to face with those out of work.

Job-seeker Lucy Harlin said, "I've basically tossed aside the resume and been going out and getting involved in different kinds of programs and volunteering to get to network with people."

For those who haven't had to look for a job in years, things have changed.

Sites like LinkedIn, BrightFuse and Facebook make networking easier than ever.

Someone in your network may have contacts at a company you might be interested in working for.

As for online job sites like

One job-seeker doesn't necessarily favor online job sites and said, "Back when I was younger, you'de turn your resume in and talk to someone.  Now everything's online and you're just pressing your luck."

The experts say even if you don't land a job using those sites, you'll be able to see which sectors are hiring.

When approaching a potential employer, think of how you can build value for the company.

Anderson said, "They're looking for enthusiasm, drive, competitive spirit."

It takes all those things, along with the right contacts, a great resume, and a little luck to get hired in one of the competitive markets in decades.

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