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Taking a Stand: Lady Aces

By Vice-President/General Manager Debbie Bush

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE)- Everyone loves a Cinderella story.  And, we have one right here in Evansville, with the Lady Aces!

You know, there's a saying, "that's why they play the game." 

Heading into the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament, the Evansville Lady Aces were a very long shot, at best, to win the championship.  After all, their record was 11 and 18, and they tied for last place in the regular season.   

But someone forgot to tell the Aces not to show up.

These young athletes took to heart what their head coach, Misty Murphy, told them. Heading into the tournament, she said, "It is a whole new season!"

What followed was one of the most remarkable, and courageous accomplishments in the Missouri Valley Conference and University of Evansville basketball history.  Four wins in four days over higher seeded opponents.

The Lady Aces weren't supposed to win, but they did!  After all, "that's why they play the game!"

What an amazing testament to the human spirit and to pure competitive sports at its best.  Well done, Lady Aces!  Evansville is proud that you're heading to the big dance, the NCAA tournament. We'll be rooting for you!

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