Special Coverage

  Special Report: Don’t let your car become a target

Your vehicle can be broken into at any time of the year, but during the holidays, you don’t want to make it any easier for car thieves, especially if you have holiday gifts inside your vehicle.

  Special Report: Workers Wanted

Watching Your Wallet: Company offering to help lower student debt under investigation

Mice. Mold. Messes.

Special Report: Shrinking Police Pool

SPECIAL REPORT: The voice on the other end of the radio

14 News teams up with Vanderburgh Co. Sheriff, Prosecutor, EPD for prescription disposal

Continued Coverage

  Special Report: Crystal Comeback

Special Report: What will it take to stop the opioid epidemic?

Special Report: Tri-State's Most Wanted

Special Report: 100 questions to graduation

Special Report: Costly Clutter

Special Report: Medicaid mess

  14 News Special Report: Spying Phone

Do you ever get the feeling someone is listening? You're talking to a friend, then random but matching ads pop up on your screens.

Stefanie Silvey Investigates...Owensboro Mystery

In her latest investigation, Stefanie Silvey talks about the unsolved mystery surrounding three young people who disappeared in Owensboro in 1986, including an interview with the man police considered a potential suspect.

Feedback Forum #2

Thank you for registering and your responses to our first Feedback Forum. Welcome to the second edition. Feel free to comment anytime about the important issues in your life. On Friday, October 27

"Hurry Home" Messages from Iraq

Don't miss "Hurry Home": A rare look at everyday life in Iraq for our hometown troops, airing Saturday night at 7:00 PM on 14 WFIE. And get your sneak preview of "Hurry Home" - right here, right now, on 14wfie.com!

Amish, Mennonite Communities Hit Hard by Storms

Tuesday Road Closings

Tuesday Emergency Information

Kentucky Tornado an F-4

Indiana Homeland Security Update on Tornadoes

National Donation, Other Katrina Links

14wfie.com Offering Live Festival Coverage

It doesn't matter if you're stuck at your desk. We'll bring the 2005 Evansville Freedom Festival to you -
 SEE and HEAR the thrill of Thunder on 14wfie.com!

Festival Info on Restricted Items and Law Enforcement Activities

Be sure to check out this section and find out what to leave at home in order to avoid problems at the Freedom Festival.

Commentary: Hollywood Meets...the Air Show

Before the show starts Friday, here's a little tongue in cheek humor in honor of the performers and volunteers for the 2005 Freedom Festival.