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Holiday World adds new water ride

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By Becky Graham - bio | email
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SANTA CLAUSE, IN (WFIE) - A new ride is making a plunge at Holiday World, and it hasn't even been built yet.

This summer, financial restraints had some Tri-Staters swapping their beach chairs for inner tubes at Holiday World.

Melissa Miller, Executive Director Spencer County Visitor's Bureau, said Holiday World may have benefited from a struggling economy.

"I think people were staying closer to home and people who may have traveled farther chose to come here instead," Miller said. "So we actually saw a four percent growth in our lodging so far this year."

By the end of the season, about a million visitors will have walked through the gates. The parks draws are the exciting rides and free goodies.

The roller coasters the Raven, the Voyage and Legend have received national recognition and their newest attraction will be open next year. That attraction is called Pilgrims Plunge and, after completion, will be the world's tallest water ride.

Will Koch, Holiday World and Splashin' Safari President, said the ride will have it all.

"It's thrill ride, but its a family ride, and we're really excited about introducing this for our customers," Koch said. "Really the best ride of its kind in the country."

The new ride will be about the same height as the Voyage. Patrons will go up an elevator lift and down a 131 foot drop. After the plunge the a 10-passenger boat then will hit the reservoir at the bottom with a giant splash.

In addition to the new ride, Holiday World will also introduce a new service designed to help families keep track of one another while at the park. It's called the Holi-watch.

Like the soda, sunscreen and inner tubes, the Holi-watch will be a free service at the park.

"The Holi-watch is targeted at families, and so is the Pilgrim's Plunge for us it's all about families making the park the best possible project for them," Koch said.

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