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Tell City Police arrest two for alleged gang crimes


Reporter: Marianne Lyles
New Media Producer: Nick Storm 

In Perry County, police arrest two men accused of being in a Tell City gang.

Eighteen year-old Jermie Coyle and 19-year-old Gary Risse face charges of criminal gang activity and battery after a fight at a local park. Coyle and Risse are said to be members of a gang which has been involved in other acts of violence.

Tell City Police say Hagedorn Park is a known hang out for teens in the area and until Friday there really haven't been any problems there. Residents living near Hagedorn Park have minor complaints about the crowds hanging out at night.

"It really doesn't bother me because so far it doesn't bother us, but I know that I don't like what goes on down there," says neighbor Alene Dauby.

"You name it and it'll be there. Just fighting and hot rodding and doing the donuts and all that kind of stuff. They can't get a handle on it," says neighbor Bernard Hermann.

Police say 18-year-old Jermie Coyle and 19-year-old Gary Risse beat up two Kentucky teens Friday.

"This seems to be a little more escalated as actively trying to formulate a gang and participating in batteries and other types of criminal activity," says Asst. Chief Greg Hendershot of the Tell City Police.

Police say Coyle and Risse are members of a local gang known as the D-boys, the "D" possibly stands for dope. With the help of witnesses and information from Myspace, police arrested Coyle and Risse for criminal gang activity and battery.

Authorities say the gang has been linked to other crimes in the area but believe the D-boys are more wanna-be's than a solidified group. Either way, police are stopping the D-boys now.

"The Tell City Police Dept. is going to have a zero tolerance policy concerning gang members and criminal gangs," says Hendershot.

Police believe there are others affiliated with this gang and they're not ruling out the possibility of more arrests.

Two juveniles were taken to a youth facility for Friday's battery.

Tune in to 14 News at six to see what police have to say about the group's online postings.

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