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Ad aims to catch a killer

Reporter: Drew Speier
New Media Producer: Rachel Beavin

To catch a killer. A local advertising company is using one of its billboards to help track down the killer of a Busler's convenience store clerk.

This murder happened 16-months-ago, October of 2005, and police are hoping this roadside message will help them come up with the tip they need to bring the suspect to justice and closure to the family of the 56-year-old victim, Jean Cook.

It happened at the former Busler's store on Highway 41 North. Jean's daughter, Bobbie Jo Cook got a call that night that she will never forget, "My mom just called me from her cell phone and she's been shot twice. Oh my god is she okay? I don't know we're trying to get more information."

Clerk, Georgia "Jean" Cook was shot during a robbery. A customer found her lying on the floor. Cook died three days later. Before she died, Cook told sheriff's detectives a woman shot her before speeding away in a gray car. But detectives also believe it could have been a man disguised as a woman.

16-months later the suspect is still at large. Former Vanderburgh County Sheriff Brad Ellsworth says this is a case that still haunts him, "Not yet solving the Busler's homicide. Things like that, now I've left, and are hanging out there."

But that could soon change, Lamar Advertising has initiated a campaign to catch the killer by putting the message on one of its huge billboards. Carter Clarke from Lamar advertising says, "We would hope that it leads to the arrest within the first 30 days but yea, we'll keep it up just as long as we can."

The message is clear, a murderer still at large. It shows a photograph of Cook and offers a reward of $10,000 and the number to call. It will be on Highway 41 North, just south of the Drury Inn. Clarke says, "It's actually close to my home, actually close to where my kids go to school so it just seemed like the right thing to do." 

Lamar plans to put the billboard up on Friday.

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