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Missing but not forgotten

Reporter: Stefanie Silvey
New Media Producer: Rachel Chambliss

The miracle in Missouri gives new hope to others waiting for news of missing loved ones.

The safe recovery of the two boys is good news to thousands of families, including several in the Tri-State, who've been waiting and hoping for years a missing family member will once again be home.

Detective Sergeant Steve Chambers, ISP, says, "At this point, we don't have a body. We don't have a crime scene."

"There is somebody out there that knows something. There has to be," says Daisy Applegate.

Ricky Thomas was 13 when he disappeared from his Bristow, Indiana home in November of 1997.

Applegate says, "Dead or alive, I mean, just let us know where he is."

He would be 22 today.

"Obviously, Ricky was not the type of person at 13 years old that could have left home and survived on his own," Chambers states.

Chambers is assigned to this missing persons case. "I believe he met with foul play, and the last person to have seen him alive was his stepfather."

Police investigators continue to follow any leads. Anyone with information in this case should contact Indiana State Police-Jasper District.

Dorcas Nesmith describes, "Can you imagine not knowing what happened to someone in your family?"

Her niece, Shannon Green, disappeared in 1986. She was last seen walking away from her Owensboro home.

Days after Shannon's disappearance, another teenager disappeared, Dewayne Bell. Just recently, an audio tape surfaced suggesting Dewayne Bell killed Shannon and others before disappearing himself.

Person asks, "Hid them where? You ain't going to tell me where you hid them? I don't blame you. I wouldn't tell neither."
Dewayne responds, "I....put them in a cornfield."

Numerous digs have taken place, but, so far, neither body has been found. Anyone with information in this case should contact the Owensboro Police Department.

Sarah Teague promises, "Until I find out how she took her last breath, I will not give up hope that one day she will come walking through my door."

Heather Teague disappeared off Newburgh Beach in Henderson in August of 1995. A man across the river actually witnessed her being dragged off the beach by an unknown assailant as she was sunbathing. She's never been seen since.

"If I could bring Heather back and have her in my arms and in my sight for just one day, for just one hour, just one minute, that would be the sweetest, most precious gift, I could imagine," says Sarah.

Anyone with information in this case can contact the Kentucky State Police or the FBI.

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