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Many find themselves 'staycationing' during recession

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EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The summer travel season is underway, and despite the improving economy, many vacationing families are still staying closer to home.

Like many, Christine Weinzapfel-Hayden's financial situation has gotten better since last summer when the recession was bearing down hard.

"My husband's job has improved and he's picked up more work," Weinzapfel-Hayden said.

Still, she feels uneasy about the economy.

She bought family memberships to the Mesker Park Zoo, one of the ways she's keeping entertainment dollars mostly local.

"We're going to play it really low-key," Weinzapfel-Hayden said. "Last year we didn't go anywhere. This year we're going to take a weekend trip to St. Louis, but other than that, we're doing a lot of free things, some Otters games, and just stay close to home."

"I think the economy was really in our favor last year," Charlotte Roesner with Mesker Park Zoo said.

Roesner said it was one reason the zoo set an attendance record.

"I would talk to people who would say, 'we're from Kentucky, we did Holiday World, we did some caves, we did the zoo, and that's our summer vacation'," Roesner said.

She said this year is shaping up to be much of the same.

"I focused our advertising on, maybe an hour, hour and a half radius from Evansville," Roesner said.

Some may be recession weary and decide it's time for a trip that takes them farther away, but many more are still playing it safe and saving up just in case.

If you do have a long drive ahead of you this summer, analysts expect gasoline prices to drop a dime a gallon by July 4.

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