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Owensboro welcomes researchers from around the world

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OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - Researchers from around the world were in Owensboro Thursday to hear about the latest in bio-technology.  

Thursday, researchers with Kentucky Bio-Processing took the time to show off new technology that will be used to mass produce plant based pharmaceuticals, equipment so new in fact, 14 News' cameras weren't allowed to show it, or how it worked.

The demonstration was all part of a two day symposium, highlighting what bio-tech will be in the future.

In Kentucky, plant based pharmaceuticals are being made using tobacco plants.

"I think it's the beginning of a real revolution, and Owensboro is perfectly positioned to take full advantage of it," Dr. Yuri Y. Gleba with the Bayer Company.

Thursday's symposium was a chance to talk about the future, and show off the present research and technology that is helping to propel Owensboro into the center of the plant based pharmaceutical world.

"One wouldn't have imagined that Kentucky would be a home for bio-technology and certainly innovators in bio-technology," Jeanne Novak Ph.D. with CBR International Corp. said.

Kentucky is also hoping to become the home of a second international symposium that would take place every two years.

"There have been other places where some of the innovators have tried to go and have not had as much of an opportunity and support as they have here in Kentucky," Novak said.

And the hope is one day in the plant based pharmaceutical industry, all roads will lead to Owensboro.

"The first one is always special," Gleba said. "It's very difficult to predict that here would be the first. Silicon Valley was not Silicon Valley before, and same here."

And scientists said it may only be a couple of years before the world sees medicines made from plants that are FDA approved.

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