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KY looking to ban texting while driving

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FRANFORT, KY (WFIE) - Lawmakers are heading to Frankfort, facing the prospect of huge budget cuts, and there's another issue getting a lot of attention.

Lawmakers and law enforcement say motorists text messaging while driving is a growing problem, and a new bill could make it illegal in Kentucky.

Local legislators say 23 states already have laws banning texting while driving.

In Indiana only minors are banned from texting and driving, and as of the new year, Illinois now bans texting and driving for all motorists.

Local lawmakers say it's a basic safety measure that should have enough support to pass the general assembly.

"It's a safety issue. You can't watch the road at the same time as you text," said Rep. Jim Glenn. "You just can't do it. The best thing to do is pull off the road, which a lot of people aren't doing, and take care of your phone business."

Representative Glenn says lawmakers will look at the new law in Illinois for guidance as Kentucky legislators try to make their own bill.

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