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  • Evansville, 1943

    Evansville, 1943

    The war effort was in full swing in 1943 as thousands worked in Evansville factories to support that effort. Bread was a dime, a gallon of milk cost just slightly more, and a lot of things were rationed as part of the war effort.More >>
  • Exploring the Lives of the LST 325

    Exploring the Lives of the LST 325

    The sentimental journey of LST 325 is also a fountain of youth for the 40-man crew. After travelling weeks together in tight quarters and working hard to keep the ship in shape, both strength and patience weakens. But they persevere for history's sake. More >>
  • LST: A Sentimental Journey

    Sixty years ago, Evansville became home port for a rugged ship that would help turn the tide of World War II. Here's part one of David James' special report The LST: A Sentimental Journey.More >>
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