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How much do you charge for an inspection?
We never charge for the initial inspection. If you see signs of foundation problems, call us today for your free inspection.

How much do you charge for your services?
We always offer free inspections to homeowners. When our trained representative comes to your home, we will provide a complete analysis and honest evaluation. We will provide a written estimate if repairs are needed.

Do United Dynamics & Perma Dry use contract labor?
We employ a full time staff of trained office personnel, representatives and installers.

Do you provide references?
We repair thousands of homes each year and would be glad to provide references in your local area. Please ask your representative.

What happens if I wait to repair the damage to my home?
These problems won’t go away by themselves. Left untreated, the damage can worsen destroying your home’s look and value. Chances are your home is your most important investment – one that you need to protect.

What can I expect during the foundation repair process?
We will do everything possible to make the repair of your home as trouble free as possible. Please visit What To Expect for more detail on the repair process.

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