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14 News and Deaconess Hospital have teamed up to help the Tri-State Get Fit!  For the next few months help us redefine the health of our hometown! Get results, get confidence and get started NOW!

Pledge to Get Fit! Pledge from August 29 – December 24.

Those who pledge to get fit by September 25 will receive a free fitness kit from Deaconess.  Included in the kit will be educational and nutritional information as well as fitness products to help the entire family Get Fit!

Beginning the week of September 26  14News and Deaconess will provide you with weekly challenges and tips to help you achieve results.  Be sure to check back each week to receive weekly tips and challenges to help you and your family Get Fit.



Turn off the TV and enjoy a meal with your family. Reduce your in-take of high fat process meats like hot dogs, bacon and lunch meats.


  • Share your meal or put half of it in a to-go box (to eat for another meal) before you even start eating.
  • Ask for higher fat toppings (dressings, gravies, cheese, etc.) on the side, so you can be in control of how much you put on your food/how much you consume.

Click here for more Heart Style Dining Out.



Click here to find whole grain foods and understand their health benefits.


Click here for strategies to make healthy choices at holiday gatherings.


Why is fiber important? A high-fiber diet appears to reduce the risk of developing various conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, diverticular disease, constipation and colon cancer. Fiber is important for the health of the digestive system and for lowering cholesterol.

Click here for a list of fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber


Eat fish at least once this week.


Given the extra effort required, the following tips can help you brown bag it better.

  • Plan a weekly lunch menu in advance.
  • Pack your lunch the night before.
  • Remind yourself to take your lunch.
  • Be sure to keep cold foods cold.
  • Read the Food Facts labels on items you pack.
  • Try using frozen bread to make your sandwich—this can help keep your lunch cool and at a safe temperature.


Balancing Calories

  • Enjoy your food, but eat less.
  • Avoid oversized portions.

Foods to Increase

  • Make half your plate fruits and vegetables.
  • Make at least half your grains whole grains.
  • Switch to fat-free or low-fat (1%) milk.

Foods to Reduce

  • Compare sodium in foods like soup, bread, and frozen meals ? and choose the foods with lower numbers.
  • Drink water instead of sugary drinks.


There's ample evidence that the simple act of eating breakfast -- every day -- is a big part of losing weight.


Roasting veggies (especially asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower & tomatoes) is a delicious way to prepare veggies.
Place veggies in a single layer on a cookie sheet. Drizzle olive oil over veggies and a sprinkle of salt & pepper OR a low sodium option is to use any combination of garlic, lemon juice, basil or parsley instead of salt. Bake at 400° for 15-25 minutes.
This website has great information including, but not limited to:

  • healthy cooking
  • recipes
  • seasonal fruits & veggies
  • Share higher calorie items with family, friends or coworkers, so that you can still have a taste of your favorite items, but yet avoid consuming too many calories.
  • According to gmap-pedometer it is approximately 0.3 miles from St.Joe to Wabash, so it would be approximately 0.6 miles to walk there & back.
  • See your physician and get your screenings..
  • Read nutrition labels and know the numbers of your food.
  • Know your sodium intake.
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