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Are you tired of climbing up and down that shaky ladder to clean your gutters? Keep your feet on the ground the help of The Gutter Guard Store. We sell multiple lines of gutter protection devices that keep water flowing smoothly. Most companies only have one product at one price, whereas we specialize in many guards at prices that best fit your budget. When you choose us, you choose quality gutter protection sales. Contact us today at (866) 489-0710 in Henderson, Kentucky, for gutter protection with our gutter guards. We service the entire Tri-State area including Evansville, Indiana.
Leaf Solution™ is Self Cleaning!
Finally, your gutter system is allowed to function the way it was intended—nothing but water enters your gutters with this product. Leaf Solution is a medical-grade, stainless steel mesh with millions of openings so small that not even a grain of sand can pass through. You can pile oil, pollen, dirt, shingle grit, and sap as high as you'd like, but nothing can clog this unique filtration technology. In fact, we're so sure that we're offering a 100% lifetime, no-clog warranty, with a complete money-back guarantee.
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About Us
The Gutter Guard Store was formed by two owners in response to the demand for high-quality products with low prices. Our first partner owned and ran one of the largest gutter companies in the Tri State area for more than 13 years, while the second owned and ran a gutter protection company for more than 12 years, also in Tri State area. They came together to address the gutter needs of their surrounding communities, namely affordable gutter sales of top-notch, durable products.

Stop wasting time cleaning out your gutters by hand. Let Real Guard do all the work for you! Contact us now at (866) 489-0710 in Henderson, Kentucky, for gutter protection sales that keep away leaves and debris.
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