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Over 50 and Need a Better Job? Click Here

(Editor's note: While we believe that Gen Plus is a legitimate company, as always, look at any agreements carefully and use good common sense in taking normal precautions when dealing with any new company)

By: Steve Burger

It's a much more common problem these days for folks who have put in many years of good service to an employer. You're over 50 years old, your company goes belly up and you're suddenly back on the street.

A national employment service is now in your corner. Gen Plus is a new company with a social mission: to re-invent the 50 plus marketplace in the minds of employers.

Gen Plus communications director Corinne Copnick says a group of people are currently investing their own money, and donating their time to get the project off the ground.

This is a a new venture. So new, that Copnick says their goal right now is to get as many people as possible listed in their job search bank who are there, in her words, "Because they want and/or need to keep working."

Copnick says the typical job seeker is 50-59 years old, has a wealth of job and life experience and is not ready for retirement, forced or otherwise.

As with any new service, you should check them out carefully before you commit any money. However, Copnick says because we contacted them, they're offering a free, three month membership in the Gen Plus job bank to Tri-Staters and Tri-State employers who want to try it out.

Job seekers and employers should go to the Gen Plus website and use the promotional code GP-F90 when you enroll to get the free trial offer.

You can also contact Corinne Copnick at ccopnick@genplususa.com. She says she'll let us know of any folks who get jobs because of the offer.

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