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EVV Airport Stripper Won't Face Jail Time

Eliane Aguillaume; courtesy Evansville Police Department Eliane Aguillaume; courtesy Evansville Police Department

Jill Seiler, web producer

No jail time for the woman who took her clothes off at Evansville Regional Airport.

Eliane Aguillaume of Paris pleaded guilty Friday to resisting arrest and public indecency. This after authorities say she exposed her breasts during the passenger screening process.

Prosecutors dropped a third offense of disorderly conduct, which would have been a federal offense.

Aguillaume will not serve any jail time. She paid $2 in fines and is now headed back to Paris.

Oct. 28: A woman from France is arrested after police say she caused a scene at Evansville Regional Airport.

Indiana State Police say 56 year old Eliane Aguillaume of Paris took off her shirt and bra after becoming aggravated with a federal screener.

The female screener was scanning Aguillaume's bra area with a hand-held metal detector. Aguillame put her hands inside her sweater, which forced the screener to scan the area again. Police say that's when Aguillaume become agitated and took off her sweater, shirt and bra.

State police say Aguillaume resisted arrest and after she was handcuffed dropped to the ground and refused to get up.

Aguillaume was charged with disorderly conduct in an airport, resisting arrest and indecent exposure. She is being held at the Vanderburgh County jail on a $5,300 bond.

Both gates at the airport were closed for about ten minutes.

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