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Webster Co. wants stricter rules for pit bulls

By Alex Shabad - bio | email
Posted by Melissa Greathouse - email

PROVIDENCE, KY (WFIE) - Webster County officials are working on an updated dog ordinance, hoping to protect the public from so-called "vicious breeds." Specifically, they're proposing stricter regulations for pit bull owners. 

But no matter what their reputation is, Michael Stone says his pit bull, Precious, wouldn't hurt a fly. "She just loves attention, she won't hurt nobody," Stone said. "People fighting them is what's given them a bad name because they've made them mean"

Rhat's why Stone says stricter regulations against pit bulls in Webster County aren't fair. "Just because the dog is a pit bull, I don't think that's right just because of the breed of the dog."

But some county officials disagree. In fact they're trying to update the current county dog ordinance to specifically name pit bulls as a vicious breed.

"I think they're vicious dogs," said Providence Mayor Eddie Gooch. "I think they're dangerous and I think anyone who owns one is setting themselves up for a lawsuit"

This comes in response to an increase in dog complaints county-wide. The county attorney tells 14 News 60 percent of the problem stems from Providence.

Mayor Gooch says the town came up with it's own ordinance in 2007. "People would be out walking and dogs would bark at them or try to bite them and that's something you just can't have."

Under the proposed ordinance, owners of pit bulls or other dogs considered vicious would need an extra high insurance policy of at least $100,000 to cover potential damages.

"Just because you own a dog you gotta pay more money," said Stone. "That's not fair."

None of the county officials involved in the ordinance were available for interview but they did say the regulation is meant to keep dog owners more responsible.

"We've done a lot to reduce those numbers and we'll continue to contain their animals," said Mayor Gooch.

But those steps may come at a costly price for some pit bull owners, even if their dog is one of the gentle ones.

The second and final reading of the ordinance is scheduled for November 24th.

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