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Could baseball return to Owensboro?

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OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - Professional baseball back in Owensboro?

With downtown development a popular topic around town, some residents see it as an opportunity to play ball.

It has been six years since baseball was a really hot topic in Owensboro.

Now with serious talks of downtown development, the idea of a baseball stadium and team in town is back on the table.

Karen Miller, Director of the Convention and Visitors Bureau says, "I know a lot of people have talked about it and a lot of people have expressed interest in doing that. Things have changed so much in Owensboro over the last year I would hope there would be that continued support for it."

Baseball has a long history here with a few Owensboro natives even going on to play in the major leagues.

Up until the mid 50's the city also was home to the Owensboro Oilers which at the time was a minor league team.

Patti Acquisto the owner of "Patti's Resale" says, "We would love to bring baseball down here, we would love to bring a convention center down here, anything we would love to have it down here."

Having a team downtown would be good for businesses according to Acquisto.

"It's just that wonderful exposure that you cannot buy, you cannot put a price tag on that." says Acquisto

Fred Reeves with the Downtown Development Corporation says baseball has been part of the discussion with Gateway Planning Group in developing the downtown Owensboro area.

He says however, that a baseball stadium or an outdoor events center may not come until phase two of the project.

"First and foremost we need to have a convention center and indoor events arena downtown so that is where we have to focus first of all." says Reeves

In Bowling Green, Kentucky the city spent over twenty million dollars on a new stadium.

The Bowling Green Hotrods, a minor league affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays are set to play next spring.

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