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Odd looking eggs laid after earthquake

New Media Producer: Amanda Lents

A farmer in Illinois says his chickens are reacting to the aftershocks from last week's earthquake.

Butch Shirley was busy Wednesday showing off a strange looking egg that was laid by one of his hen's Monday at his farm in Greenup, Illinois.

That was the day West Salem, Illinois recorded the strongest aftershock so far from Friday's 5.2 earthquake.

Shirley says the same morning of the 4.1 aftershock, one of his chickens laid an egg that was twice the normal size, multi-colored and has odd looking ridges.

Shirley's convinced that it's a product of the quake, "I took it out of the nest and my wife said 'What have you got?' She couldn't believe it. I said, there it is it's different. So I waited til' yesterday to see if something was wrong with one of them and they all four laid normal eggs. So, I really think it's got something to do with the aftershock."

Shirley says his friends told him to put the egg on e-bay, but he says he'll probably keep it and put it on his mantle for his grandchildren to see.

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