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Stressed? Try giving your PC a rest.

New Media Producer: Rachel Chambliss

Odds are good you spend time every day on your computer. But how much time? And is it causing you stress?, a tech support site, did a study, and found 65 percent of Americans spend more time with their computer than with their spouse or significant other.

Dr. Maressa Hecht, a psychologist and computer addiction specialist, isn't surprised. "They're neglecting their families. They're not getting their work done. Whenever I see somebody, I talk to them and say 'What is it you expect to find on the computer?'"

The study also finds 84 percent of us are more dependent on our computers than we were three years ago. And on average, spend 12 hours a month, or roughly half the weekend, trying to fix computer problems.

Experts say you should set time limits and specific goals for your time with your PC

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