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Hogs Help Fight Crime

New Media Producer: Rachel Chambliss

Indiana State Police have a new tool to fight crime - new Harley Davidson motorcycles to patrol the highways.

These new bikes give the troopers more maneuverability in traffic to go where cars can't. It's a move by the state to give troopers an advantage they haven't had in years.

These hogs are equipped with lights, sirens, radar and the horsepower to catch whoever these troopers are after.

Master Trooper Tim Wood, Indiana State Police, says, "The mobility of them, being able to get in and out of traffic, and being able to get onto traffic pretty quick that's moving. If we get into a lot of speeding traffic, we will be able to get around traffic to get to the violator that we are trying to get to."

There are currently 25 motorcycles being used by troopers across Indiana, and there are more on their way for next year.

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