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Evansville Family Heads To Gulf, Looking For Relatives

Reporter: Liza Danver

Web Producer: Jason Bailey

A local family's mission to the hurricane zone. The Parkmans haven't heard from relatives in Gulfport, Mississippi since Hurricane Katrina came ashore.

So, what do you do? Linda Parkman hasn't heard from her father and brother since Sunday, before Hurricane Katrina hit.

Her co-workers tried to brighten her spirits by throwing her an early birthday party. She says she appreciates their support.

But it doesn't change the fact that her loved ones live in a now devastated Gulfport, Mississippi, in a county where authorities say the death toll has exceeded 100.

"It's hard to say just what, but I know it's not a good thing, it's not good," says Linda.

Linda says her family didn't evacuate because the highways were shut down.

So like many Gulf Coast residents, they took cover in their home. Something her family has done in the past.

They elected to stay amidst the torrent of Hurricane Camille, in the same Gulfport home more than 30-years ago.

"I'm kind of out of balance because I know what I went through with Camille," says Linda.

Linda adds, "[And] I know the communication is hard, but just the not knowing, it gives me a queasy feeling [the] not knowing."

"All I want to do is hear, hear them say 'I'm fine,'" says Linda.

Which is why she and her husband are packing up clothes, food, water and even a generator, and driving to Gulfport early Thursday morning.

She's not sure if they'll be able to make it all the way.

But if they do, she knows what to expect: "J ust devastation."

Linda knows she may have to relocate her family, if their home is uninhabitable. Of course she won't know until she gets there.

Authorities say many of the roads in the hurricane zone remain impassable, and search and rescue teams have only be able to reach half of the affected areas.

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