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US Officials Say Internet Porn Among Kids Is Staggering

Web Producer: Jason Bailey

Several democratic lawmakers went on the offensive Wednesday to protect children from internet pornography. They're also trying to take the moral high ground away from conservative Republicans.

The biggest consumers of internet pornography are actually children between ages of 12 and 17.

A group of Democratic lawmakers expressed outrage and revealed new laws to regulate internet porn.

Senator Blanche Lincoln introduced tough anti-porn legislation that would force pornographers to verify customers ages and tax them 25-percent.

As evidence of the growing problem, the senators quoted a position paper produced by a new Washington group called Third Way.

The group's web site says its mission is to help senators and other progressive leaders better advance their values in red states and counties.

Translation: To insist that Democrats are less liberal.

A Third Way official told NBC News, its mission is "To win the war of ideas against conservatives."

Third Way and the lawmakers claimed children watch more internet porn than adults do, and on average are exposed to internet pornagraphy by age 11.

Footnotes reveal those numbers came from the Boston Globe newspaper, and a company that sells parental control products for computers.

Though Third Way says it helped draft the legislation, a spokesman for Senator Lincoln says the idea was hers.

Lincoln's spokesperson says, "All we did was rely on a bunch of numbers that Third Way provided, we thought those numbers were alarming."

Senator Lincoln calls the effort "good legislation," even with the involvement of the Third Way group.

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