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Tri-Staters get sweet, build 'houses' for charity

It's December First and many Tri-Staters spent the day getting ready for the holiday season. In fact, there was some very creative decorating on display at The Centre Saturday.

More than 60 teams gathered early Saturday morning to start construction on some very elaborate gingerbread houses. If you haven't built yours yet for the holiday, maybe these will give you some ideas.

Whether you were a youth team decorating for fun, an amateur trying out a new craft, or a professional who creates works of art for a living, the Aurora Gingerbread House Competition had something for everyone, and it all raised money for a local charity.

"Aurora is a non-profit in Evansville that works to prevent and end homelessness," said Aurora Director of Development Jayme Walters. "We served individuals and families that are near homeless or homeless."

Each team needed a sponsor and some steady hands to participate. Tiffany Switzer's Doctor Seuss themed house was sponsored by an organization close to her heart.

"My son actually loves the Lora, it's his favorite movie, and I had to do the Lora theme because St. Mary's is our sponsor and my son went through St. Mary's feeding program and they're amazing," she said.

Fan favorites included the Egyptian pyramid and 'Santa's Vacation Spot.'

But few houses could rival veteran pastry chef Cameron Tinker's classic take.

"I'm here because I always like a good challenge and this is a good challenge against some great competitors and it's also for a great cause as well in fighting homelessness," Tinker said.

Cameron says the entire process has taken well over 20 hours. Enough to give someone a bit of a sugar high.

If you missed the event Saturday but want to see the creations, you're in luck. The top three houses in each category will be on display at Barnes and Noble on Green River Road through December 31st.

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