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Neighbor reacts to former Boy Scout leader's federal charges of child exploitation

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Ryan Bieler. Source: US Attorney's Office Ryan Bieler. Source: US Attorney's Office

Many are reacting Tuesday night to the arrest of a former Boy Scout Executive on federal charges of child exploitation.

US Attorney Joe Hoggsett says 33-year-old Ryan Bieler of Dubois County is charged with receiving and possessing sexually explicit materials depicting minor children.

Officials say Bieler was a customer of a movie production company outside of the United States that allegedly produced child porn.

The investigation into that movie company started in October of 2010 after authorities say the company shipped hundreds of DVD's worldwide. Authorities believe some of them ended up in the small town of Ireland, just outside of Jasper.  

One person there tells 14 News Tuesday night that he knows  first hand Bieler received several packages that looked like DVD on a regular basis.

"It's kind of a scary situation that it can be in a little neighborhood such as this," the neighbor said.

Scary because this neighbor, who asked us not to use his name, says he and his family live just a few doors down from Ryan Bieler. But what's even scarier, he says, is when he thinks about what happened just a few months back when he says Bieler moved into the neighborhood.

"When he first moved in it was once a week that I was getting his mail. I was getting packages, looked like DVD's to me once a week," the neighbor told 14 News.

Packages, he says, that were shipped by UPS, Fed-Ex, and the postal service.  All, for some reason, mistakenly placed on his front porch.

 "I would always just drop them off back over at his house. I never really questioned him, asked him. I've seen him come out and check his mail and he was forever pulling stuff out," The neighbor said.

He now wonders just what was on those DVD's after learning Bieler is accused of having child porn mailed to him from a company outside of the United States.

"It's kind of a scary situation cause I have kids myself.  My neighbor, she just moved in a couple months ago and I know she's got three little kids,"  he said.

14 News discovered a note from Bieler posted on the Buffalo Trace Council's website. Bieler writes he was involved in scouting in Ohio and New York before relocating to Indiana.  

Council executives say Bieler was terminated earlier this month after they were contacted by the US Attorney's Office.

"We're very concerned about all of our children and this is our biggest concern right now," Scout Executive John Harding said.  

The council is contacting scout families to inform them of the situation.  But, authorities say investigators have not found any evidence that local scouts have been exploited or abused.  

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