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Finding DVD Easter Secrets

New Media Producer: Brad Maglinger

It's the season for Easter egg hunts, and here's one for grownups who love movies. You probably don't know that there are secret features hidden on some of your favorite DVD. Because they contain surprises, and because you have to hunt to find them, they're known as "DVD Easter Eggs."

Most DVD owners have never heard of them. But pick your favorite disc from classics like "Casablanca" to kiddie flicks like "Finding Nemo," and there are probably secrets waiting to be revealed with a couple of clicks of your remote control.

Marc Saltzman, from DVD Confidential, says, "And it can be anything from an alternate ending to a film, to a hidden interview with a filmmaker, a video game, a blooper reel. The point is, these are not listed on the back of the box. They are truly hidden on the disc."

Fortunately, there are dozens of Internet Web sites that tell how to find them in hundreds of movies.

The Fellowship of the Rings has a hilarious hidden spoof of itself with Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

"The Godfather DVD collection is loaded with Easter eggs," says Brian Mooar. "In one, you have to press six buttons and then up pops a screen with members of another mob family -- The Sopranos."

"It adds a little bit of extra mystery, some added value, some buzz for their product," says Saltzman.

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