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Man Fired For Opposing Jesus/Basketball Parody

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New Media Producer: Kerry Corum

A Kentucky man is out of a job over what he calls a mockery of "The Passion of the Christ".

David Wine says he always enjoyed delivering the Leo. He'd being doing it for three years without any problems. That changed last Wednesday. "I didn't really feel right about it, you know, delivering them."

He was stunned by last week's Leo cover, Jesus holding a basketball with the words "The Real Passion" underneath. Wine explains, "Just to have a picture of Christ, with a basketball superimposed, and to say that was the real passion, I mean, His passion is to save souls."

Wine was so offended he refused to deliver them. The following day he was fired.

Leo Executive editor John Yarmouth say he respects Wine's opinion, but says it's not his job to give one. "You can't just do business when you allow a supplier or a vendor to essentially censor what you're publishing."

The paper has more of Jesus inside. This time he's again holding the basketball along with a sign that features re-written scripture. It refers to the NCAA tournament. "It was certainly not meant in anyway to mock religion. It was an attempt to mock the passion devoted to basketball in this community."

The paper says if Wine would promise to always deliver the papers, he could have his job back. Wine doesn't want it. "I can always go cut a couple of yards or something like that. I mean that can get me out outdoors."

Wine was an independent contractor for Leo. It was only a part time job for him, as he also has full-time employment.

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