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What went wrong in Gibson County on Election night?

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GIBSON CO, IN (WFIE) - What went wrong on Election night? Officials in Gibson County are still sorting that out.

Now that the results are in, and a treasurer has been named, the county has a chance to figure out the problems so they can keep them happening again.

After 14 hours of hand counting ballots, the Gibson County Clerk's Office declared Mary Key the winner in the Treasurer's Race.

With that race behind them, Election officials say what happened on Election Day is not their fault.

Gibson County Election Office Official Karen Wright says, "It had nothing to do with what our office did."

Wright says the reason ballots had to be counted by hand two weeks following the Election is because of the machine, the eagle.

Wright says, "It was a technical issue through the vendor and our vendor was Election Systems and Software."

Wright says one eagle was placed at each precinct, prior to the election. The machine, she adds, counts paper ballots. On Election Day, a handful of them would respond with error messages that raised a red flag with election officials.

Wright says, "We were not confident with what totals we got, we knew they were not right."

The Gibson County Election Office has been in touch with the Election System Software company. Wright tells 14 News the company is unable to uncover what went wrong, and until they visit her office later this month, she says that's unacceptable.

"That's what is disheartening, you work so hard and in the end, it isn't right because of the fault of a vendor."

Her office has already taken steps to make sure next election, the results will come in that night. Wright says they have a new machine through a new vendor.

14 News reached out to ES&S, but they had not returned our calls when this story was posted. 

Wright also addressed the complaints about a shortage of paper ballot.

She says each precinct was instructed to use both the electronic machines and paper ballots, some didn't follow instructions, and they ran out of paper ballots.

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