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EPD warns about Fall Festival ticket scam

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EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Fake fall festival vouchers showed up on Evansville's Craigslist page.

Investigators are now working to find those trying to illegally make a buck off the annual West Side Nut Club event.

Westside Nut Club Publicity Chair Ben Kempf couldn't believe it when his friend told him someone was using the Internet to capitalize off the fall festival.

"There was a posting on Craigslist that had these vouchers at a reduced rate. Even more reduced that what we are selling them at the Old National Bank."

Curious, he logged on the website , but the posting wasn't there.

Evansville police were one step ahead of him.

Police say they were told that the scam was happening on Craigslist.

Evansville police detective are working to track down the person who posted the ad.

Evansville police say it will take a few days to subpoena the records from the website.

Once those records come in, detectives can trace fake ride vouchers and their point of origin.

Kempf says he doesn't know how many people bought into the scheme, but he says people need to know the difference between the real ride voucher and a fake one.

Kempf says they are using a special paper that reacts to a light that they have in the ticket booths.

You will not be able to get a ride bracelet if you have a falsified voucher.

Fall Festival organizers say the only place you can buy ride vouchers is Old National Bank.

The bank is selling one day unlimited ride bracelets for $14.

The pre-sale runs until October 1.  The regular price for the bracelets is $16.

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