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Sunday's fatal motorcycle accident third in three days

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EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - There was another deadly crash involving a motorcycle on Sunday.

The Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office says 63-year-old Charles Brown was driving his motorcycle southbound on U.S. 41 approaching Hillsdale Road Sunday morning when he struck a white pickup truck as it crossed the southbound lanes of U.S. 41.  Brown was killed in the accident.

The driver of the pickup truck, 48-year-old Ronald Herendeen, was wearing his seatbelt and was not injured.

Since last Friday, there have been three fatal motorcycle accidents in Kentucky and Indiana.  Law enforcement officers say none of the victims was wearing a helmet.

But local cyclist Pete Mobley says he's willing to keep taking the risk.

"It's perhaps a stupid risk but the whole fascination with motorcycles is the wind in your face," he told 14 News.  "That's what I love about it.   I've had about four close calls they really raised the hair on my back. Fortunately I'm up and breathing."

The Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office says avoiding motorcycle accidents takes full attention of all drivers on the road.

"Obviously motorcycles are smaller sometimes a lot quicker, they come up on people-really need to pay attention to their surroundings and look for smaller vehicles such as motorcycles," said Sgt. Matt Schnell.

Schnell says wearing a helmet can saves lives, especially since motorcycles don't have seatbelts or a barrier like vehicles do.

"Obviously if you're on the interstate you have higher speeds but at the same time you go off the roadway or country road you have trees, mailboxes, other things like that could cause serious injuries."

Mobley says the best way to stay safe is to drive defensively, since drivers today face many distractions.

"I can not count how many times I pass somebody on my bike and look over and see the driver not holding the steering wheel at all."

Schnell says staying safe's a matter of common sense.

"Focus on the road. That goes for automobiles and motorcyclists as well."

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