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Gov't pushing to get Hispanics counted in census

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EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The census campaign has been on for weeks, even months now.

Communities all over the country are trying to get everyone to fill out the form and send it back.

Each form is like money in the bank.

Trouble is, some people are scared of revealing any information.

A lot of people don't like the idea of sharing what they consider personal information, and that's apparently very true among Hispanics in this county.

When local Hispanics opened their mail boxes and found the census form in 2000, local Hispanic leaders said they panicked.

"They are a little bit scared of providing their own information," Abraham Brown with Nativity Church said. "They are questioning 'why do they want to know about us?'"

"The Latino population didn't know this was something they could do without being afraid somebody was going to report them to immigration," Maura Robinson with M.G. Robinson Inc. said.

The lack of education by the U.S. Census Bureau led this population to go unaccounted for 10 years, and that has equated to tens of millions of dollars lost for road projects, housing, hospitals, education, and even a loss of our voice in government.

For this reason, the census bureau's launched it's first ever national campaign, and while it encourages everyone to return the form, it provides special education to minorities, like Spanish ads in the windows of businesses.

U.S. census representatives are showing up to Sunday church services and sharing the information about the census, and volunteers are even going door to door.

The impact of returning the census envelope could be a big deal for the Hispanic community, and much more for the community as a whole.

"Transportation. A lot of Hispanics, they're not able to drive or they're always having problems to travel from place to place," Brown said. "The bus lines, the existing routes, don't benefit Hispanics."

"Over the next 10 years, there will be $26 billion spent on education based on these numbers we give the government," EVSC Spokesperson Marsha Jackson said.

The census form needs to be returned by April 1.

If not, representatives will be coming around to your home

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