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Rescue group hopes to help Webster County animal shelter

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DIXON, KY (WFIE) - Kentucky State Police say progress is being made at the Webster County animal shelter, but one group says there's more to be done and is lending a helping hand.

In January, Holly Morseman co-founded the Webster County Animal Rescue Foundation.  She says their goal is to help the county dog pound.

"They needed help... the needed help from the community to make things better there."

Morseman says the foundation started with eight members but has now grown to over 30. She says many people have concerns about the dog pound and want to help.

"We have a refrigerator that has been donated.  We're just waiting for a place to put it. We have the washer and dryer that was just donated.  We have blankets and crates.  It's been an overwhelming response."

Stu Recke, one of the troopers who responded to the initial complaint on Thursday, also responded to the follow up this past Friday and advised the conditions were much better on Friday.

Recke says troopers also visited the pound Monday and said that additional improvements have been made.

"We will be checking in periodically unannounced to make sure those conditions are still adequate for the animals," Recke told 14 News.

"We have no control what happens there," Moresman said.  "We just keep saying that we are going to help the best way we can.  Just let us know."

Morseman says the foundation is working toward a non profit status in order to apply for grants that would help provide vaccinations, vet care and other supplies.

"We have been trying over the years to make the changes, but as I said one person is not going to do it, it is going to take a whole community. And a lot of help."

The foundation's long term goal is to help expand the current facility to make more room for the dogs.

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